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  • USB Charging Cable
  • 210mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Port
  • *Pods sold separately


Buy Stiiizy Battery UK

Buy Stiiizy Battery UK Online .

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The Stiiizy battery is the answer to all your vaping woes. It’s a compact, convenient device that’s remarkably easy to use and charges in 30 to 45 minutes. The device can hold up to three pods. The device is available in many U.S. stores, so finding one near you shouldn’t be difficult. The magnetic components snap into place when brought close to the battery. Once in place, they pull inwards, allowing the device to charge.

STIIIZY batteries come in two sizes: 210 mAh and 550 mAh. Despite their size, these batteries pack a punch. The former has a longer life than the latter and offers a leak-free vaping experience with no compromise in flavor. The 550 mAh version is perfect for seasoned cannabis users and provides a powerful hit and a higher temperature than its counterpart. Aside from being sleek and durable, the STIIIZY battery set includes a USB charger, pod, and magnetic base.

Charging Time

The Stiiizy proprietary battery has magnetic components which allow it to snap into place. You can easily pull it out when you want to charge it. The STIIIZY proprietary battery is rechargeable using the USB cable provided. When connected, the LED screen blinks twice. If the connection is unsuccessful, it flashes red. Otherwise, it indicates that the battery is charging and the white LED indicates that it is ready for use. Follow the manual instructions or refer to the instructions included in the packaging to remove the battery from the charging port.


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