How to pay with amazon Gift-Card

1:Discover the utmost convenience and efficiency by utilizing an Amazon gift card as your preferred payment method on Our valued customers consistently opt for this hassle-free and expeditious option due to its simplicity and swiftness. To embark on this seamless payment journey, simply log in to your Amazon account and navigate to the gift card section. There, you can effortlessly purchase an Amazon gift card of your desired amount. Once acquired, please email us the gift card claim code at , ensuring prompt processing of your order. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to commence shipping as soon as your payment is confirmed through the gift card. Count on our dedicated team to deliver a seamless and efficient purchasing experience, tailored to your needs.

2:To obtain an Amazon Gift Card for your payment needs, we recommend exploring various retail stores that offer this option. While we have provided a list of some available options below, please note that there are other establishments where you can purchase these cards as well. It is important to acquire a Physical Amazon Gift Card rather than an eVoucher Card for this purpose. Here are a few stores where you can find them:

  1. BP
  2. Clinton Cards
  3. Co-op
  4. Martin McColls (MRG)
  5. Morrisons
  6. Shell
  7. Spar
  8. Superdrug

Once you have procured a Physical Amazon Gift Card from your chosen store, carefully scratch the silver portion located at the back of the card. Behind this protective layer, you will find a gift card claim code. Typically, this code consists of 14 or 15 characters, combining both letters and numbers. In some cases, if your gift card is made of plastic, you might need to gently scratch or peel off a protective coating to unveil the claim code.

For your convenience, we kindly request that you capture a clear photograph of both the gift card and the accompanying receipt. Please ensure that the entire card and receipt details are visible in the image. You can then proceed to email us the picture at our designated email address:

Rest assured that our team will promptly process your payment and initiate the shipping process as soon as we have verified the gift card claim code and receipt. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and look forward to fulfilling your order efficiently. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.