Blueberry Lambsbread Marijuana Strain UK


The team developed Blueberry Lambsbread to perfectly balance indica and sativa characteristics inherited from its Blueberry and Lamb’s Bread parentage.

Consumers claim that Blueberry Lambsbread smells of sweet florals mixed with spiced berries and a pungent whiff of loamy earth.


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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 12% – 16%
Blueberry Lambsbread Marijuana Strain UK.

This a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain produce through a cross of the classic Lamb’s Bread X Blueberry strains.

This delicious bud is best known for it’s classic flavor that’s just like it’s Blueberry parent. A sweet slightly spicy fruity berry flavor that has a tinge of earthy vanilla upon exhale.

The aroma is of sweet and spicy blueberry with a slightly pungent earthy effect as the nugs .

The Blueberry Lambsbread high is a flawless fusion of both of its parent strains, with a well-balanced combination of both mind and body highs.

The high starts immediately after toking with a cerebral head rush that gives you a huge boost of energy with a sense of creative inspiration.

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1g, 3.5g (‘eighth’ of an ounce), 7g (‘quarter’ of an ounce), 14g (‘half’ ounce), 28g (ounce)


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