Buy Cali Flowers  Online UK

Cali weed buds are indoor flowers with a Californian style. They have a high CBD content and are very aromatic. California is currently the cannabis hotspot and the home of the most potent and aromatic strains. The Tree CBD can now offer you Californian-style strains with no psychoactive effects.
Flowers containing approximately 20% CBD

The Tree CBD offers two main types of CBD buds with approximately 20% CBD. These are Cali Weed, a type of indoor flowers with a Californian finish, and indoor buds, which, as you might have guessed, are flowers grown indoors.

Cali Weed is a type of CBD flower inspired by the Californian growing style. California is one of the leading US states in the cannabis movement, as well as the home of the world’s best growers. The quality of the cannabis produced there is internationally renowned.

As one of the largest producers of cannabis in the US, it has been able to experiment with multiple growing systems. This has led them to obtain flowers with excellent aromas, known for their high quality and high level of cannabinoids.

Indoor buds, meanwhile, are flowers grown indoors. This is an advanced growing system that doesn’t take place outdoors, but in industrial warehouses or large enclosures that are equipped with everything needed for the crop to complete its life cycle.

This is achieved by using lights that simulate the spectrum of sunlight and artificial ventilation that replicates natural conditions. It’s usually planted in pots or in hydroponics, a type of soilless growing system. All these technological advances make it possible to obtain very high quality flowers.

As these crops aren’t grown outdoors, they’re protected from possible pests and/or fungi, but also from bad weather, such as storms or hailstorms. In fact, thanks to the ability to accurately control the environmental conditions, the plants are given what they need at all times. This makes it possible to obtain high quality buds, with CBD percentages of around 20%, or even higher.